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TOP OF THE WORLD single lifts off worldwide

The Bardogs' title track from their new album, Top of the World, saw a massive debut July 15 as outlets all over the world carried news of the song's release. After a bi-continental press conference in Bali and Nashville, Tennessee, USA, the band took to their socials to announce the release of their first single since the Cornonavrius pandemic.

Speaking to the Indonesian press from their home base venue of The Orchard in Bali, The Bardogs' bassist Deni Hidayat said the new record represents them fully as a band and that working with their new management has opened doors previously closed to them and other acts on the agency's roster.

Planning a full lineup of summer and fall appearances at home and abroad, The Bardogs have chosen to release drip-feed singles from the album instead of releasing the entire record all at once. The Bardogs' co-manager Graeme Storr stated,

"We believe in momentum, not one day of celebration and then on to the next thing. News in entertainment is transient and ephemeral and these boys have worked too hard for us to adhere to old patterns by launching their art out blindly and hoping something sticks. We talked at length with the boys prior to this release and we all agree, both SOULsvc and The Bardogs, that long-term strategic capture of the public's attention span is far more valuable and effective than 24 hours of likes and clicks on Day One."

You can stream the band's new single, TOP OF THE WORLD on Spotify, Apple Music, Joox, Deezer, Pandora, Amazon Music, Google Play, and on more than 700 other digital carriers.


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