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The Bardogs sign with SOULsvc Management

In support of their forthcoming album and single, Top of the World, The Bardogs have signed an exclusive management agreement with international artist agency SOULsvc Management. SOULsvc is a subsidiary of Soul Service Entertainment which is releasing the new album and was co-founded by the band's longtime promoter Graeme Storr and American record producer Deane Ogden, who also worked with the band on their new music. With plans to expand the band internationally, SOULsvc is coordinating with American and European promoters and public relations companies on The Bardogs' overseas touring opportunities.

"We couldn't be more excited about the future with The Bardogs. These boys have worked their tails off to become the best band we've come across in Indonesia and now they are ready to take on the rest of the planet. Everyone we've brought them to in the States or in the EU has shaken their heads in a double-take to make sure what they were hearing was really what they were hearing. It's been awesome to witness." - SOULsvc co-founders Graeme Storr and Deane Ogden

The Bardogs' debut single off their forthcoming 2nd album, TOP OF THE WORLD, drops July 15, 2022 worldwide.

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